When You’re Twenty

When you’re twenty
the world will be your back garden.
Laid out before you
all the opportunity and pain and joy
of a life in public or private,
bedevilled by bad luck
or blessed by the fortune
of one born special, born beloved
or born at all.
Oh, you’ll know the sweet success
of life’s wilderness
and you’ll spread your arms and embrace
the world at your own pace.
Maybe you’ll cure the ill,
clothe the cold, house the homeless,
sparkle and shine, watch the clock
or just watch the world.
Maybe you’ll so all of these and more
but only the fates could tell for sure
because your arms spread wide are branches
and your feet at the world are covered in clay
but on a spring day you still blossom regardless.
In our hearts we’ll see whatever
you wished and wanted to be
and there’ll be life and love aplenty.
When you’re twenty.

(c) Robert Purdy All Rights Reserved

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