What Would I Say?

Yes it is true that I never got to see all that this world holds
The flowers, trees, grass or a bright sunny day
Not even the smiling faces of my loving family
But in my heart I have seen all of these things, even in my short time

It is also true that I never got to feel the many things that you take for granted
The snow on my face on a cold December day
Finger paints and crayons I will never hold in my hands
But I did feel the loving arms on my mother and father cradling me gently.

I never got to hear all the sounds that make most hearts sing
The laughter of a loved one or the sweet song of a bird
Songs on the radio and the words “I love you” are to me a mystery
But the soft touch of my mother’s hands shouts to me all of this and more.

I would never have known the joy of running through a field of flowers
Never would I roll down the side of a hill to dizzy to stand
Hide and seek, tag and dodge ball I would have missed
In my mind I will do all of these things and more.

You all may see it as me missing out on all of these things by leaving you so soon
But where I am going I will do, see and hear everything you do and more
All of the people that have passed before me are waiting to make that come true
I will always think of good things, for in my short time that is all I know.

So don’t cry for me
I am doing all that you have all wished for me,
and from my time here with you
I will know nothing but love and that I will take with me.

In loving memory!
For: Tabitha Maisie Lavoie
April 27, 1997

(c) 1998 Verna Van Every All Rights Reserved

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