What is a Daddy?

My Little Anna
So sweet and pure
You have no daddy
And that’s for sure
He left one night
And by his side
The bag was packed
And all he said was
I am never coming back
So My Little Anna
With your eyes so blue
I will always be here for you
When you’re sick, or hurt your knee
Don’t be scared
Because I will always be here
You will see
I have watched you creep and crawl
I watched you take your first step
And that’s not all
Even though life has been cruel
I will be here
You’re first day of school
I wiped your tears
When you fall
And Check your height on the wall
I watched your blue eyes light up
When you first drank from a cup!
Why? Oh Why? would your Dad
Just walk away and
All he could say is GOODBYE
Who will hold you when you
Have you first broken heart?
Who will wipe the tears from your eyes?
When you realize you have
No one to call Dad
Try not to be sad
Because life is just cruel sometimes
But don’t you worry,
Because you have me
Your Mother, You See
And I will always be there
And I will walk you down that aisle
On your wedding day!
So I will be the one to see you SMILE
Then one day you will see,
That you are blessed
Because you have me.
I love you ANNA
So sweet and pure

Written for my little ANNA @ 12 months old.

(c) Pamela Bianco Johnson All Rights Reserved

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