I’m pregnant I just got the news
I sit rubbing by belly waiting for you.
Although you can’t move yet I still fell you there
as I close my eyes and fall deep into prayer.

Dear God, thank you for this precious child
this is a miracle from heaven there is no denial.
I imagine holding you as you place your hand into mine
as I opened my eyes and realized the time.
The time was in the past
but that vision of you is a memory that still lasts.
You left me to early
and for this I still weep
my womb is empty
the pain is so deep.
I can’t help but wonder if you are ok
I imagine you placing your hand into mine one day
as we soar side by side in the heavens above
but for now my angel I will still give you love
as I rub my belly you are not there
as I look up to heaven with a wondering stare.
I close my eyes and begin to pray
Jesus, will you please bless me again one day.

(c) Angela Gibson All Rights Reserved

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