Today I finally saw you, and I cannot believe that your mommy and I the power to create something so precious and beautiful.

Today I cried tears of joy. The joy of knowing that God has sent me an angel.

Today I saw the face of an angel, a gift from God. A gift of clay to mold into a perfect little girl, and eventually a strong woman.

Today you opened your eyes and looked at me, and I saw the window to heaven.

Today you are called daddy’s little girl, I call you “life”. You have given me new life, a new start, a reason why I get up everyday and do my best so that you will have a life rich with love and affection.

Today I know now what the true meaning of life is and I will let people know that meaning everyday of my life.

Today I touched you, I was scared at first, but you you felt warm and soft and it sent a wave of happiness through my body, and it let me know that you will always be mine.

Today your mommy got to see you, she was real sick and had to get better before she could see you. She felt the joy of your arrival, and finally got to see her angel and her inspiration.

Today you touched me, you grabbed my finger, and I could feel the strength in your heart, and I felt like daddy.

Today I started the rest of my life, my life with my new family.

Today I am proud to be your daddy, but even prouder that you are my daughter.

Today I heard you cry for the first time, and it took my breath away to hear the voice of an angel.

Today I look at you and wish for so many things, and hope that your life is full of joy and happiness.

Today I think of all the things we will do together, and the thought of it makes me cry with happiness.

Today I will love you unconditionaly for the rest of my life, and give you my heart and my soul.

Today is the best day of my life, and I can never thank you enough for the joy of laughter and love that you will bring into my life.


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