I do not know you, I have not met you, but what I know is that I love and cherish everything about you. You are my life, something that I have had a hand in creating and the unconditional love I feel for you is second to none.

I yearn to hold you, touch you, smell you and feel your tiny body against my bare skin. I feel humble in the fact that I was blessed with you, a gift to me that is irreplaceable.

I have dedicated my life to you and all that I can give you. If you need me, I promise you my darling I am always near you. If you need guidance and support through life, I promise you all I have, I will share with you. I promise you, I will not criticize you in any shape or form and that your future choices and decisions will not be clouded by my own beliefs.

I promise to listen and hear your dreams and expectations in life. I want you to put your full trust in me and in return I will trust and respect you as a complete individual. If I seem to bark and bite, I am only human too and usually I will have your best interest at heart.

You are only lent to us and with that our lives together will be filled with joy, lessons, love and adventure.

Welcome my darling into this world that awaits you,
Love from Mum xxxx

(c) Written By Michelle Airey For Her Two Beautiful Children, Jordan & Dylan, New Zealand


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