To my little one…

September 24, 1999
3 p.m.

Dear Little One:

We just had a hurricane here last week on Thursday, Sept. 16th. Your mommy was crazy and wanted to go to work anyway even though a lot of people at my job decided to stay home. Your daddy took me in the morning and they let us leave early from work at around 12:30 p.m. But I have to tell you how exciting it was when daddy took me and we went down to Margate, NJ on the boardwalk! You should have seen the waves from the storm coming! They were so high and crashing like crazy! They had to be at least 20 ft.! We took Angel puppy with us and she had so much fun! (Angel is only 8 mos. old now.)

The sea made so much foam that it looked like lemon meringue pie topping and Angel was chasing the bubbles! We let her go in the ocean just a little and then she started chasing the seagulls! So we “reeled” her in and walked down the boards and it was so neat. The air was just so charged with energy! The wind was very gusty and the rain was not so bad; it was a really great experience! Earlier that morning I hurt my back pretty bad by bending over to give the dogs some dog food. I guess I bent over the wrong way and boy was I hurting! Your daddy forgot and wanted me to run on the boardwalk with Angel because she had to go potty and I could barely walk slow! He had to scoot her off the boardwalk because she almost went potty right on the boardwalk in front of everyone! You can’t do that! When we got back home the other pups (Lacey & Coco) were sniffing Angel and they knew she was somewhere special and they weren’t!


l we went to the Obstetrician on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 1999 night and heard your little heartbeat for the 1st time! Your daddy & I are so excited, we just can’t wait to see you! I’ll be 14 wks. this Saturday, Sept. 25th.

Your little heartbeat was so fast! It sounded just like a loud whooshing sound! Your daddy asked the doctor if there were two babies in there! I said if there were he was gonna have ’em, not me!! I’m really nervous about the labor/delivery part. I am the world’s worst sissy when it comes to pain! All I know is I can’t wait to hold your little pudgy face! Only 99 million more months to go!! Phew! Doesn’t it seem like forever!


Well I have to give a lot of credit to your daddy! He really has been helping me around the house doing a lot of things including laundry. I usually wind up making laundry soup by the time I’m done so I gave up! I figured I messed it up enough so he decided to take it over! He’s a really great cook too! (but don’t tell him I said so!)


On Wednesday night, Sept. 22nd, I went to Wal-Mart feeling a little creative and bought some really cute fabric that has bears, tigers, elephants, zebras and lions on a dark blue background. It has stars and 1/2 moons…soo sweet. That is where your big pillow came from. I finished it on Friday night. It was something to do to pass the time!

Oh, have to tell you what we did last night. (Thursday, Sept. 23, 1999) We were so bored and didn’t want to just sit around the house (again) so your daddy & I went to the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk. It was so beautiful! The air was so crisp and the moon was full! It was so pretty over the water. We had pizza and ice cream for dinner – how nutritious! But we walked about 2 miles or so. Your poor dad was hurting so much last night but his knees are getting a little better. He wants to try to go back to work this Monday, Sept. 27th, so we shall see how it goes! We only have one truck now so I might have to take the bus starting Monday night (and you have to come too! – You kind of have no choice!) Ha, ha!

Well tomorrow, your dad & I are going to a seminar at a Holiday Inn in Cherry Hill to hear about Baby Safety. They are going to tell us which is the best crib to buy, car seat, etc.. It might be fun and they promise to give us some prizes later.

Well until my next note my love…I’ll be seeing you in my dreams.

All My Love,
Your Mommy
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