To my cousin with love, on the birth of her baby

Our lives so greatly have changed day by day,
It seems as though from our friendship we have strayed away.
We grew together through the younger years,
Sharing laughter, joy, and even tears.
Now we see how our futures will be,
And a reflection of mine in yours I see.
Soon an adventure you will start, one so new,
The tasks will be many, but the rewards never few.
You’ve created new life, now growing inside,
Only with you will he his secrets confide.
For you are his mother, the one to always be there,
The one he can count on to always care.
You wonder how a mother you can be,
But don’t worry because in you a reflection of me I see.
He will grow and you will learn,
Don’t fear-for your love he will always yearn.
For you are his mother, giver of life,
Standing by his side through success and strife.
Together this journey, this path you will walk,
And together with God the two of you will talk.
You’ll teach him to run, to jump and to play,
Even as he grows, by your side he will stay.
Leaning on each other you can not fall,
For if anything in my journey I have learned, it’s that


(c) Rachel Labadie All Rights Reserved

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