To Gavin

~To Gavin~

I know
beyond a mother’s instinct
that you,
my son…
Were born to make this planet
More than a mark,
greater than a number,
you are here
and you will stamp the crater
of your footprint
to the very core of the universe.
You were not made
to become an animal…
You were not created
to follow a herd.
Even now,
you radiate,
still curled up within my skin…
And you are what you have destined yourself
to be…
A hunter,
a comedian,
a friend,
an athlete, a help,
a writer,
a scholar…
A champion.
Remember integrity
love honor,
cherish every breath you breathe.
I will be here always,
your advocate,
your coach,
forever your blood…
Forever your mother.

(c) Angela Henderson All Rights Reserved

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