He sits and looks at me so innocent and sweet,and when I look in to his big blue eyes it becomes the perfect day.

Tick tock Tick tock

What is this pain I feel in my heart? I know I must prepare for the day we have to part.

Tick tock Tick tock

His smile is big and wide, he has dimples in hes cheeks, He touches my face with his soft warm hand, I know he can take me to a better land.

Tick tock Tick tock.

I watch him crawl, I watch him play Is he going away day by day.

Tick tock Tick tock

I feel so humble in tje eyes of this child, he will live his life with dignity and pride. When he lays his head upon my lap I know I have the courage to go on.

Tick tock Tick tock

So Thomas I will hold your hand and together we will walk to the better land With every beat of my heart I will love you more and more and at the end of each day we will say;


All my love my special angel

(c) Helen Birch All Rights Reserved

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