The Emotional Unplanned Ride

Pamela Bianco
Author: these are my words, written for my Unborn Child:
CODY – Born on October 9, 1992 – Happy, Healthy and Full of Life!


The moments before,
There is an empty space at the bottom of soul,
Wondering if I could bear to know,
As I pace around, waiting for that call,
I felt my heart pounding,
I knew that this was not the perfect time,
But who is to say when that time is,
All I could think about,
Was the life that could be inside,
Then I realized what if there is nothing there,
I suddenly felt lost,
As if this life inside me, had just been taken away,
How could I feel so empty and full of life at that same moment?
Not knowing if I even wanted to BE,
My life was not full of riches,
I have been struggling for so long,
How would my love alone feed & cloth yet another,
As I tried find to the answer,
I realized that there is no right one,
I could not imagine my life,
Without this little one that I didn’t even know,
Then with one quick ring ((())))

Hello, Mrs. Johnson!
As my heart skips a few Beats!
With four quick words,
Congratulations you’re with child,
All my fears vanished,
My life, body & soul was now fulfilled,
With more riches that I could ever hope,
God Blessed Me with Life
And now he has entrusted to me,
Yet another Child of GOD!

(c) Pamela Bianco Johnson All Rights Reserved

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