The Big Day

Every minute since our darling baby was placed in our arms
He’s captured our hearts with his wonderful charms
Every day with him was absolute joy
Until he went off to school, now a precious little boy
We dreaded the day he would board the school bus
For he was entering a new world, which did not include us
We looked at each other, his mother and I
And could not understand how 6 years had flown by
Choking back tears, a bit of pride and pain in our heart
We had to let go, so his boyhood could start
All his sweet baby days were fast becoming the past
We wanted to stop the clock, making his babyhood last
Six little years we would never have again
They sped by too fast, how can our hearts ever mend
Yet, later today he will return to us
All happy from riding the big yellow bus
His shirt tail hanging out, a shoe untied
Some paper drawings and a smile full of pride
He will never know what an anxious day we had
All he will see is a proud Mom and Dad

(c) carol conlogue All Rights Reserved

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