Thank You

This poem is a Thank you poem for people who attended
my work shower and answers to their questions about
my pregnancy.


Thank You

Thank you so much
For coming to greet me
And asking me questions
So tender and sweetly

I’ll answer the ones
That I’ve heard before
For some, that may be
Quite a bore

The first one is one
You might enjoy
Is this baby
A girl or a boy

So many theories
Do people devise
But we want the gender
To be a surprise

And some people ask
How much weight did you gain
To which I reply
“Are you insane?”

To ask such a question
And expect a reply
Is surely to get you
A poke in the eye

The next one’s about
How I’m feeling
When I say great
It send other mothers reeling

They felt nauseous
And tired and sick
Do I know
Of some little trick

No, I don’t
I’ve just been lucky
But there’s still time
For me to feel sucky

The final question’s
About my absense
When do you leave
And does coming back make sense

I’m not leaving too soon
So save your goodbyes
For the middle of September
If my boss complies

I’ll be back next year
In the second month
After we’ve met
Our little triumph

So thanks once again
For wishing us well
The presents are great
And the party was swell

(c) 1998 Aida Hatem All Rights Reserved

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