Sweet Child Of Mine

Nine months pregnant and it’s finally time,
you came into my life January, of 1999
I smiled with much happiness and laughed with much joy,
because god granted me a precious and sweet baby boy.
The excitement I had when you first lifted your head,
and the tears that I Cried when you first fell out of bed.
Every night before you go to sleep I hold you close to me,
and I smile in the morning because your the 1st thing that I see.
Five months old and your already crawling around,
trying to put everything in your mouth that you find on the ground.
It’s amazing to me how fast you grow,
and how you think your funny when you shake your head no.
Eight months old and you learned how to walk,
how old will you be when you finally talk.
Sweet child of mine I Hope you can see,
you’re the best thing in life that has happened to me.

(c) Desiree Amaro All Rights Reserved

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