The prettiest baby you ever did see,
The bluest of eyes, as blue as can be.
With shiney blonde hair and the cutest of noses,
A sweet little mouth, lips redder than roses.

She lights up my life and makes everything right,
She sleeps in my bed, and we cuddle up tight.
She wakes in the morning all ready to play,
Her teddies and toys are around her all day.

We go out for walks and we ride on the bus,
There’s always old ladies ready to fuss,
We walk hand in hand, side by side down the street
Theres no shortage of children for Sophie to meet.

And when we come home she sits in her chair,
I do her some dinner, it gets everywhere,
But still as she learns i look on with a smile,
Its lovely to see every once in a while.

The evenings are spent just playing with Dad,
I know that he knows shes the best thing he had,
We love her so much, shes our sweet baby girl,
Our sparkling gem, Our little white pearl.

Then i put her to bed,
As she sleeps on her tummy,
I thank god above,
That he made me her mummy.

(c) carly All Rights Reserved

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