Sawyer Pond

Before Sawyer was born
I was happy, we were in love, life was good

Everyday was like a walk in the park
On a beautiful winters day
We would skate on the surface of a frozen pond
Over a field of flowers

We could see the colors of the flowers,
A bit out of focus and dulled by the thick layer of ice
But beautiful, nonetheless

When he slipped out of my body
The ice cracked

When I first held him
The ice melted

I was falling.
Sinking into the water.

At first I panicked and tried to return to the surface
To the comfort of the frozen pond I had known for so long

But when I stopped and looked around I realized
The frozen ice was now warm water
Undulating around me
The flowers I had once gazed upon from the surface
Were right next to me
When I opened my eyes
I could see their vibrant colors with complete clarity
They were no longer dulled by the thick ice

I could touch and smell them
They were magnificent

At times it seemed as though the pond would swallow me up
But it never did

Instead it is my life force
Warming me with its water
Comforting me with its loveliness

Before Sawyer was born
I could never have known the beauty beneath the surface of our pond
I could not have imagined the warmth of the water
I could not see the splendor of the flowers

We do not skate above the pond anymore
We swim in all its glory

(c) kerianne sullivan All Rights Reserved

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