Precious One

Fifteen years since my last baby
I thought, Oh no- could I be – maybe?
Our life’s have changed since that day
Baby number three was on its way
I’d never imagined having a baby at thirty-seven
He sure was a gift sent down from heaven
The beautiful feeling of a baby growing inside me
Brings back the warmest memories
For this baby was sure meant to be
With brother and sister waiting with their mother
They knew the day was coming, they
soon would have a new brother
The day came with dad by my side
It was time to come out, you can not hide
The first look at you, God’s perfect creation
A feeling you never forget, what a sensation
As the doctor announced, a perfect baby boy
The tears filled our eyes, we were overwhelmed with joy
Justin, your just as perfect as can be
Thank you, Lord, for giving this baby to me

(c) Jackie Anne Cartwright All Rights Reserved

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