Please Remember Me

When He smiles up at you
for the first time
Please remember me
When your heart so shines

Whenever you hold his hand
And help him learn to walk
Please remember me
When he begins to talk

When he goes to sleep at night
Then runs to you in fear;
Please remember me
When you hold your baby near.

When he lays his head in your lap
Or learns to tie his shoe;
Please remember me
When he kisses you.

After his first day in school
And he runs to you in joy;
Please, remember me
When you hug your little boy.

When he sings for Sunday school
And your heart’s filled with pride;
Please, remember me
When he sits down at your side

When he feels guilt
For a wrong he may have done;
Please tell him I know his hurt
When you comfort your son

When a wrong is done against him
And he cries to you in pain
Please tell him I know his hurt
When you wipe his tears away.

When his happiness is great
And he shares his joy with you;
Please, tell him I feel his joy
When you see your child through.

When He asks about his blue eyes
And he’s looking up to you;
Please, tell him who I am
And that my eyes are blue.

(c) Sarah Perrette All Rights Reserved

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