Being a parent is a hard role to play
There’s always something different everyday
My children are sick, what do I do?
Call out the doctor? Or is it just flu?
My children are fighting, here we go again
Much more of this bickering could drive me insane
Time to go shopping, kids want everything they see
I’m struggling to cope now, it’s getting to me
Teatime again, oh what a joy!
Whatever I give him won’t please my boy
‘Chicken Nuggets and Chips’ comes a cry from the table
My temper is rising. I’m feeling unstable
‘I don’t need a bath, don’t wanna go to bed’
These children are really ‘pecking my head’
But all is not lost, I get a cuddle and a smile
A simple ‘I love you mummy’ and it all seems worthwhile
The skills of a parent are too many to recall
Don’t underestimate them, they’re the most important of all.

(c) Maria Draper All Rights Reserved

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