Nursing a Toddler

Sticky little chubby hands pull my shirt,
clearly it’s time to nurse.

Now I have blue yogurt on my white bra,
I know it could be worse!

She’s too busy for cuddles and kisses,
we nurse to keep us in touch.

She wants to be big like her big sister,
sometimes its just too much.

So up on Mama’s lap she climbs again,
for comfort and a snack.

I hold her close, sweet and soft as she rests,
glad my baby is back.

I watch as she acts so independent,
but nursing reminds me.

Not to hurry her to grow up too fast,
for time will still find me.

Friends try not to act surprised but all say,
“When will she ever wean?”

I smile, “Well, I guess when she has classes,
she can nurse in between!”

(c) Janis Chrissikos All Rights Reserved