Nathan Daniel

A Millennium baby he was to be.
Nathan Daniel came early saying that’s not for me.
A bit drastic indeed, September 13 the date.
Like father, like son, on time is too late.

He was born with a wink and a strong beating heart.
Nathan Daniel was loved right from the start.
A wee little thing, not even two pounds.
He progressed slowly at first, then by leaps and by bounds.

In the NICU (Nik-u) he’s tucked, thoughtful gifts all around,
Balloons and blankets and cards abound.
A safari of animals from those far and near,
Though a gorilla from daddy escaped we do fear.

Home for the holidays? Thanksgiving went by.
Time crawls in the one hand, in the other it flies.
Christmas is coming and soon so shall he.
No present could be better under the Ole’ Christmas Tree.

A year’s gone by since last I wrote.
So much has happened as I will note.
Christmas did pass, the New Year, too
But soon Nathan came home, along with his zoo.

Monitors, oxygen, meds, yes, the works.
At home and at office, mommy dealt with the quirks.
The last of the winter a few scares came along.
The cold and flu season would prove to be long.

Mom and dad each breathed life, to his small little frame.
At the hospital, now the PICU (Pik-u), came more of the same.
He fought the good fight, collapsed lungs and all.
To come home again soon, we awaited the call.

The time finally came, the last bug went by quick.
He went in, but soon left, for he wasn’t too sick.
From there on he did sail, no holding him back.
No oxygen, then monitors, did mom need to pack.

Independence Day came in more ways than one.
To Day Care went Nathan, no more mommy’s shotgun.
Moving on forward, to see what life brings.
Crawling and teething, those baby type things.

The nasty bug season has approached once again.
But this time it’s different, this time it won’t win.
An ear ache did come, and a fever or two.
Nathan hangs tough ‘gainst the cold and the flu.

A runny nose here, a bump or scrape there.
It’s a wonderful thing  just plain child care.
Though his life’s just now starting, my story is done.
I love you, my baby, Nathan Daniel, my son.

(c) Teresa Thompson All Rights Reserved

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