My sweet little ones

You arrived much too early
So tiny so frail,
But perfect in every way.
My sweet little ones
We must live apart for now
You need to keep growing
You live in a womb outside of me now.
I visit everyday only able
To touch you through the glass.
My sweet little ones
I watch you open your eyes
And look all around.
Do you wonder where I am?
Can you see me?
Do you know I’m here?
My sweet little ones
I long to hold you in my arms.
I open the door to touch your hand,
You grasp my finger so strong and firm.
I look into your eyes and
I know you have a strong will to survive.
My sweet little ones
To leave you is the hardest part.
My heart is heavy with joy and sadness.
The tears pour down each time I say goodbye.
The three of us are a part of each other,
And soon we will all be together again.
My sweet little ones

(c) Tammi Hatch All Rights Reserved

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