My Sister , My Friend

It used to be that we could not stand to be apart.
But now we are older and our lives have new starts.
You have your sons and I have one too.
But there is not a day that I don’t think of you.
I set and remember all the fun in the past.
And I pray everyday that my memories will last.
We have been through such hard times, first loves and jobs galore.
sister with you in my life I am never ever bored.
We shared our clothes and even our friends.
We would cry on each other when our hearts would not mend.
Sometimes I wonder if I was not a twin.
But then I would not have known my very best friend.
We where made into two by Gods hands from above.
What a blessing you where, a sister to love.
Our lives are now hectic and time goes by fast.
But I know our friendship will always outlast.
So today I wanted to tell you what has been on my mind.
You are my sister , my friend, we are two of a kind.

(c) Ellen All Rights Reserved

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