My Miracle

After days of wondering, I finally took the test
and when I saw the results, my whole life changed
in that one moment.

And as the time quickly passed, a realization set in.
With each month, growing bigger and bigger,
so did my dreams.

There’s nothing like that first little twitch-
finally knowing that my tiny baby was in there,
moving and living, and when I saw him on the monitor,
I counted fingers and toes,
saw the tiny heartbeat- it just didn’t seem real,
that this little person was alive inside of me.

And as the time approached,
the anxiety, anticipation, excitement and fear all intensified.
And then came the day – the day of his debut.
Everything went so smoothly – I couldn’t have asked for any more
– and there he was, exactly as I’d pictured him all this time
and he’s perfect, and he’s mine,
and I can see myself in his eyes,
and I can see my husband in his smile.

And the love I feel is so overwhelming –
I am flooded with emotions,
trembling at the sheer miracle of it all –
for that’s what he is – my very own tiny miracle
straight from God.

And I can’t even look at him without tearing up.
Every time I tell him that I love him, I cry at the thought
of the depth of the love – a love like nothing I’ve ever known.

And suddenly all of my emotions are tied to him –
he makes me laugh, he makes me cry,
he frustrates me, he thrills me.
He is truly my greatest accomplishment –
my boy – my son.

(c) Jennifer H. Barfield All Rights Reserved

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