My Love For My Son

At the crack of dawn
I awake to your cry.
And I stumble out of bed,
with a tired sigh.

I’ve been doing this a while now,
though I really can’t complain.
Since it seems I only have
your father and I to blame.

This is the best experience
that I have ever gone through.
I’ve gotten the greatest gift,
and this gift is you.

Your cute, innocent smiles
brighten my darkest days.
And I’m finally getting used to
your sleepless ways.

I admit at first
that I didn’t know what to do.
But I think I made the right choice,
by giving life to you.

I wish I could give the world
in a neat package to you.
I guess that’s what all parents
wish they could do.

But since my wish
will never come true.
I’ll just give the next best thing,
all my love to you.

(c) Kezia Giddings All Rights Reserved

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