My Little Bullrider

I’ve got a little man, who is now three
He has told me what he wants to be
Strong willed and independant in most of his ways
A handsome gentleman everyone says

A tough little boy who doesn’t mind work
And plays real hard in the mud and dirt
He wants to grow up and take the test
To win the gold buckle of the best

To be like Tuff and Ty Murray
to ride them bulls and have the glory
to get the money and the pride
that he deserves to make that ride

Little bullrider just stay on that seat
and ride that bull until you have him beat.
He now looks up at the cowgirls
and smiles that smile as big as the world

I wonder which one is his dream
Is it the cowgirls, riding bulls, or both things?

(c) 1998 Debra Hopkins All Rights Reserved

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