My Hero

Daddy can you be my hero
Can I look to you with pride
Will I always have a smile
As I hold your hand while at your side
Can I think of you as Superman
As the Hulk and Toolman Tim
Can you be like mighty Tarzan
As we play on the jungle gym
All I want is for you to be my hero
Like any kid would do
Please oh please daddy
Let me think these things of you

I want you to teach me how to swim
To hold my bike so I won’t fall
Want you to be at my peewee games
As I run touchdowns or hit the ball
On Sunday as we watch tv
May I lay close and cuddle tight
I want my dad to wrestle with me
To tuck me in at night
If I ever have a class play
Can you sit in the first row
Will you beam with fatherly pride
As you see how big I grow

Oh daddy please daddy
Can you be my hero and stay
I love you more than anything
Why are you going away
Who is going to be my hero now
I am really so confused
Mom says you called her bad names
She was lonely and abused
But these things don’t mean anything
You know I am just a kid
Daddy why did you go away
Was it something bad I did?

Did I not make my bed right
Was I to loud when I used to scream
Am I bad for crying and calling for you
On those nights I have bad dreams
Daddy your supposed to be my hero
You can’t just leave me alone
Dad’s can’t be a hero
Twice a week while on the phone
Oh daddy please daddy
You have to find a way
I even wrote a special note to Santa
To have you here on Christmas Day

I wish you never had me
That I was never even alive
When other kids talk of their daddy’s
I hide my eyes and cry
Mommy taught me a new word today
She says its called “divorce”
Told me its because their were problems
But I wasn’t the source

I don’t even know what that means . . .

Why is it that you hurt me then
Its really not quite fair
I think you left me here alone
Because you don’t really care
I have problems in school now
Fights with other kids
I throw temper tantrums
Say bad words and tell lotsa fibs
I am so very angry
I don’t even know why
All I know is my daddy is gone
And he doesn’t even try
To come and see me . . .

You were supposed to be my hero
Like in the movies dads are to kids
Instead I’ve grown up all alone
And paid a price for what you did
Mom was always there for me
I see the things she’s done
I love her more than anything
She’s proud I am her son
So now daddy I don’t need you
I found my hero as you can see
That hero is the woman
You left alone with me

Mommy has been my hero
That’s something I realize now
She worked hard at two jobs to pay the bills
I ride a bike she taught me how
I got to play football
She was Jane on the jungle gym
Took days off to see my plays
Made me happy once again
Oh mommy dear mommy
Your the greatest hero I have known
I want you to know with you in my life
I have never felt alone . . .

I love you mom thanks for all you’ve done

Thanks for being “My Hero” . . .

“My Hero” is copyright protected (C) R.S.S. Andersen 1997 all rights reserved¬†

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