My Grandfather

I have her eyes-
I have her hair-
I have her voice-
I hate you just the same.

I know what you done-
I know what you’ve said-
I hate you even more.

You threw her down the stairs-
I still lived.

You’ve broken bones-
You raped their souls-
you have to pay for what you’ve done.

You tried to destroy lives-
by words and punches-
by sending away a precious life.

I know now why I was given to someone else-
I know now why I have another name-
it’s all because of you.

I did not die-
I did not perish-
What you have done to your own blood-
For you shall pay-
if not by me, by another way-
You shall pay for all you’ve done.

I have what you will never again see-
I have what you took away-
My Biological Family.

(c) suzanne fernandez All Rights Reserved

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