My Dream

All my life I had a dream of a little angle in my arms and though he was just in my mind, he’s been always there with me. I always felt the softness of his skin, the beating of his heart against mine, I even used to hear him cry and wondered how to keep him calm.

It all started when I was young, my doll was my first child, I used to feed her and sing her songs, I gave her all my care and love. My second child after that was anyone of my little friends, we used to play mother and child and I enjoyed it just as much.

Years have passed and I have grown and still I have the same dream, but it has grown inside my heart so it’s not as easy as it has been.

Now I can’t wait to hold my child and give him all the love I can. It’s getting harder every day and I can no more bear all that.

I wonder why I can’t have one, I just wonder WHY???, may be it’s not yet the time or may be God is testing me.

When I see children anywhere around I feel the sorrow deep in my heart, sometimes my eyes are filled with tears and I can only pray and wait.

My dear child in the other world, I’m sure you’re somewhere there. I’m here waiting for you to come to love you and give you every care.

I’m saving all the love in the world and I know it’s not enough though, but I promise to be a good mother so please do hurry and come through.

(c) Omneya Derbala All Rights Reserved

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