My Daddy

I was young when you came to me,
To catch my falls or when I would skin my knee.

I cant ever remember not having you near,
To talk me out of the things I would fear.

I couldnt ride a bike,
You taught me how.

I have a daddy Look at me now !

I needed a hero to look up to,
I think mom made a good choice when chooseing you.

Now that I’m grown and a mother of four,
Some how Daddy your needed for more.

To pick up the peices the husbands tear apart,
I’m sorry Daddy my choices aren’t smart.

I’ve always wanted a man to love me forever.
Not knowing Dad would be that man,
That in this crul world your my biggest fan.

I never missed out on a Dad you see,
Because God was loving enough to send you to me.

Thank you Dad for choosing be,
The most wonderful DADDY just for me.

(c) Rhonda Powell All Rights Reserved

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