Daddy, Daddy where could you be?
I need you here, here with me!

I’m sorry my baby boy, Daddy has a new wife,
She thinks there’s no room for you in their life!

Hush baby boy, don’t you cry,
Mommy’s here and I’ll tell you why.

I will be here for you always and forever!
I’ll be Mommy and Daddy, I’ll try to do better!

Baby boy I love you with all my heart!
I promise to you, we will never be apart!

I will be here through thick and thin,
Always together until the end!

He still cries Daddy, Daddy where could you be?
I really need you to be here for me!
I really wish that you could see,

There is room for me in your new life,
You can be here for me and your wife!

Daddy, Daddy can’t you see?
I really, really need you here for me!

Hush baby boy don’t you cry, Mommy can see,
With my baby boy is where your Daddy should be!

(c) Kimberly Travis All Rights Reserved

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