Mother’s Hope

When I was just three feet tall,
A pen mark lined my height on the wall,
Toys were real and special friends,
How I long for those times again.

Laughter and smiles and fairytales,
Crayons and colorful dreams,
Little girls with their “Prince Charming”,
Pretended they were queens.

But as time goes on the illusions fade,
A winter moves across ones soul,
You sit and ask “Who am I”,
Life’s disappointments take their toll.

“Where are my toys,”We ask . . .
“Have you seen my prince?” . . .
Was I really once that small?
Confused and dazed we withdraw within,
Alone we start to fall.

The weight of living feels so great,
A burden not befit a beast,
Then a miracle begins to happen,
When we’re about to accept defeat.

It’s as if the blind begin to see again,
The deaf hear birds in song,
Through the love of our small children,
We take control of our lives , and begin to fix what has gone wrong.

Once again we can see bright fairytales,
Toy soldiers march to a make believe drum,
Humming birds fly in fields of green,
Alive in the spring of our young . . .

Through God’s hand unfolds the master plan,
Of which we never know our part,
But as long as I have my children,
Happiness will always fill my heart.

I am who I think I am,
A friend . . . A parent . . . An inspiration.


Dedicated to All the Mothers who suffered from an unfair life of abuse and through courage and strength gave their children a fighting chance at a better life.

“Mothers Hope” written and copyright protected (c) Russell Scott Steven Andersen 1995 all rights reserved

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