A mother makes a bond with child.
Through the years , the child will see.
There is no other such as she.
A mother is many things .
Within her body , you did grow.
She went through pain to give you life.
Her pain soon to be forgot.
When you are troubled or in pain.
She holds you close.
For she knows without a word you need her the most.
She smiles at you with admiration.
She wipes the tears from your eyes.
Deep inside she cries.
When someone you love , loves you no more.
You can turn to her, for love ever more.
When she is gone, you feel you cannot go on.
When life is dark and very gray.
A voice from the past, will come to you.
The voice will say, though I am not here for you to see.
My love for you will always be.

(c) Pamela Fortin All Rights Reserved

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