Mommy’s Precious Valentines

I will forever believe in Miracles
because everyday I see,
Two beautiful daughters
that God sent to me.

Karlianne and Alycia
you were sent from above,
to remind us how precious life is
and most importantly how to love!

You blessed us ten weeks early
a bit impatient were you,
Two premature angels
both weighing a little over two.

Your first six weeks were a struggle
a roller coaster ride from the start,
Your will to live showed your dad and I
that even the smallest babies have big hearts!

October 1, 1997 will always be
the day my dreams came true,
I thank God every second of every day
that I was blessed with the two of you!

From the date of conception
until the end of time,
Each and every day you will remain
Mommy’s Precious Valentines!

by, Michele Wilson (Wagstaff) dedicated to the miracles in my life!

(c) Michele Wilson (Wagstaff) All Rights Reserved


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