Mommy Magic

There, look over there, do you see? It’s the love of my life. Blonde hair, blue eyes. I see that smile, I’d know it anywhere, perfectly beautiful, sunshine on a flawless face. A face like porcelin, with the faint dusting of freckles across the bridge of a little nose.

Can ou see over there, the perfect sillouete. The child within bubbles to the surface. Laughter spills forth, so musical, a bird chirping in the twilight of morning. See the lips of an angel, this cherub without wings, and invisible halo above the most beautiful head in the world.

Oh no, I have to go, nice chatting, but see that? There’s a tear, my angel is crying, and I have to fix what’s wrong. For you see the love of my life cannot fix it herself, she is only 3. My love, my world, my daughter.

(c) Traci Swinehart All Rights Reserved

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