Miracle Babies

I’m going to have another baby our daughter said
smiling so wide nodding her head
this will make pregnancy three
total joy we felt happiness you see

The day of the ultrasound came very fast
now we would know your due date at last
and oh the surprise when you came into view
You’re not just one God gave her two

We laughed and cried from surprise and joy
now the long wait is it girls or boys
it’s two little girls exactly alike
identical twins what a delight

One morning early when mommy awoke
she felt real wet thought her water had broke
only 26 weeks not far enough along
but she knew by her pain
something was wrong

The trip to the hospital was very bad
mommy was crying cause she was so sad
the doctor said from what he saw
you both were in trouble no weight gain at all

It was decided the doctor must take
both of you now before it’s too late
you both were starving each minute each day
so off to delivery without delay

Jenna was born exactly one pound
upon delivery you made not a sound
they rushed you into NICU
where doctors and nurses were waiting on you

They worked real hard giving you life
once you began breathing was such a delight
Hanna was second born weighing 1 pound 3.5
so small and tiny hard to believe you’re alive
they rushed you into NICU
where doctors and nurses took care of you

It’s been hard watching you grow
cause pounds and ounces go on so slow
but miracle babies are what you are
because God watched you both from afar

It’s been 47 days and you both are two pounds
you yawn and smile when we’re around
we can’t wait till you both come home
to a house of love and arms to hold

This is your story sad yet so true
so keep on growing girls cause we love you

love Always
FEB 20,1999
(Debra Jean Eddy)

(c) Debra Eddy All Rights Reserved


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