Make Me Laugh Dad

I have written this poem for you Dad
It is so long overdue
Ive written poems for others
But never one for you

Ive often sat and thought about
The years that slipped away
But did I ever tell you Dad
All that I should say?

Did I say “thankyou”
For always being there?
And did I show appreciation
For all your love,and care?

Do you know, I wonder
How often I recall
The kind things that you did for me
When I was young ,and small?

And Dad as Ive grown older
You’re still right by my side
To comfort and to show your love
To help out and to guide

Mom may be in heaven now
But Im so thankful that I still have you
Cause Dad I need you so

Please consider all I write
A gift from me to you
Without your love and laughter
I dont know what Id do

As life passes by
And after all is said and done
Remember that I will always be
Your firstborn #1

I couldnt love you anymore now Dad than I have ever loved you before and I want you to know just how much that you are a blessing in my life.

(c) Jacie Stralko Duca All Rights Reserved

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