I lie alone in this cell,
Can’t seem to escape from this HELL,
Trapped in a place i don’t belong,
Can’t think of nothing but a sad song.
A song of fear,a song of hate,
There’s nothing i can do, it’s too late.
I wish i could go back and change what i’ve done,
Cause now i’m stuck, no help from no one.
Why is forgivness to much to ask?
Cause now i’m ready to lose this mask.
The sadness, the hate, the anger, the fear.
Now my judgement day draws near.
Ijust want to start my life again,
twenty-two years of living in sin.
Waking up from a dream that won’t go away,
Seems like a year, it’s only been a day.
What ever will come, what ever i’ll see,
I know this jail will make a man of me!


(c) Greta Flud All Rights Reserved

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