Love, Mom

There is so much I’ve tried to teach you
in these years that you have grown,
and so much more I cannot show you
that you will learn all on your own.

It’s been said that life’s a dance
that you learn more day by day…
so I want to share some of the steps
that I’ve picked up along the way…

The first piece of advice I’ll give you
is the most important thing I’ve learned;
you shouldn’t take things too seriously
as each page of your life is turned.

Learn to laugh at yourself,
and enjoy the laughter of your friends.
Find humor in things that offend you
to ensure that laughter never ends.

Do not believe in first impressions,
for things aren’t always as they seem.
Sometimes the very smallest player
is the best one on the team.

Always do what you feel is right;
to your own self, you must be true.
Remember you have to live with tomorrow
whatever today, you choose to do.

Always be ready and willing
to lend a hand where help is needed.
Try to remember to treat other people
as you, yourself, would like to be treated.

Continue to further your education
although life’s lessons never cease…
Knowledge provides independence.
Independence will provide you with peace.

Always plan a route to your destination,
but don’t be afraid to go off course.
Sometimes life’s surprises are gradual;
sometimes they come with powerful force.

Learn to humbly accept life’s changes
and know that nothing stays the same.
Accept responsibility for your actions,
and don’t be reluctant to take the blame.

Do your best not to criticize others;
we all have failings and faults that occur
because no one has been born to perfection,
though you’ll meet those who think they were.

And you are never too old for manners,
so always remember to include
the “pleases” and the “thank yous”
that help express your gratitude.

Have understanding for those less fortunate;
find ways to help and do your part.
Stay focused on the compassion
that you’ll find deep within your heart.

Don’t get so busy and hurried
that, with little things, you’re disenchanted.
Take time to count your blessings,
and do not take them all for granted.

Cherish and respect your elders.
Listen to stories from where they came
and make them proud that you are one
who carries their family name

And stay close to your family;
don’t let time or distance come between
responsibilities create separations
that very seldom are foreseen.

Thank veterans and be proud of your country.
They are the reason you live unafraid.
The freedoms and rights that you possess
are from the sacrifices they made.

Give 100% of your efforts,
to whatever task you do each day.
Working hard will get you ahead…
but still make time to rest and play.

Be careful what you choose to do
in the name of having fun.
Don’t try things that cloud your judgement
and make you regret the things you’ve done.

Don’t dwell on mistakes made yesterday
Learn from each error and blunder.
If you are caught in the middle of a storm,
next time…take note of the thunder.

Don’t become obsessed with money.
It’s not the secret to “living well.”
Do not measure wealth by what you have
but by what you have, and would not sell.

Try not to grow up too fast;
learn to cherish each childhood year,
for it seems before you know it…
they somehow silently disappear.

I hope you’ll someday benefit
from the guidance these words may bring,
but you’ll know you have someone in your life
who loves you more than anything!


(c) 1998 Linda Ellis All Rights Reserved

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