Little Seth, Precious One

What a miracle to be
A new life formed
Created from our deep love
And blessed by everyone above.

Our love combined as one
Creating a miracle of joy
Filling our hearts completely
Producing a baby boy.

Even though we have never seen your face
Or even heard your first cry
A special bond has been formed
Well deep from inside.

A bond that will never be broken
For as long as life shall be
Love will last forever
Far beyond than anyone can see.

As each day passes on
Your beginning edging nearer
We shield you from harm and
Pray for your well being
Until we may protect you in our arms.

You are our miracle soon to behold
For life is a beauty sometimes unseen
Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes
Perfection only to be seen.

You are so tiny, so small
So fragile, so sweet
A life not yet known
And yet loved so complete.

With all our love,
Mommy and Daddy

(c) Tamera & Daniel Ayriss All Rights Reserved

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