I Gave Up Nothing

The career tucked away in my dreams diminished when they placed a little boy in my arms. When I held this jewel all others were nothing more than pebbles. Far and foriegn places I had hoped to see were traded for a basinet next to my bed and when my second son was placed within my arms there was no desire to look beyond the horizon for anything but hopes to share with him. The third son rested sweetly by my side and his angelic breathe blew from me all thought of wealth that money brings. My children were my riches and would ever bring treasures of the soul into my life. A daughter giggled away my selfishness. Another son’s sweet smile clothed me with humilitiy. Two more girls whose bodies were not birthed from mine still join my gleaming trove as treasures nonetheless. Brighter than the gold I might have gleaned, more beautiful than skies I might have soared through more intricate, complex and fascinating than any culture or book are my children. Whatever I may have sacrificed to raise you is but slight investment for the rich returns…a broader soul, keener thought…a wrinkled brow, yes but a younger heart. Is not losing one’s life to another actually finding it? Indeed in you my precious children I find my purpose for being alive. All else will fade away but you will live in me and I in you forever.

(c) Gay Pedersen All Rights Reserved

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