I Gave My Child to You

I gave my child to you
Because you wanted one so much
I knew it was the right thing to do
Because my dream could not be touched
In the middle of the night
When you sing him lullabies
Please think of me and kiss his face
Every time he cries
Take good care of my baby
Because he means the world to me
When he cries out in the night
Because he is scared of the dark
Please hold him close and dry his tears
Whisper to him that there is nothing to fear
When he swears up and down
That there is a monster under his bed
Please get down on your knees
And search the entire room
Try to sweep out the demons
With only a broom
Please protect my precious angel
From the world outside your door
Please be patient with him
When he spills his milk
Or forgets to do his chores
Hug him a moment longer
When he makes his mistakes
Let him know that you are there
Sometimes that’s all it takes
I know that my baby boy
Will grow up some day
And when that day comes
I hope you can say
That because I loved him so
I gave my child to you
It took all that I had
It was all that I coud do
I wanted to give him the world
And someone to love him like no other
So I gave my child to you
So you could be his mother

(c) Miss Serra Rose All Rights Reserved

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