Hello, Goodbye

Sleeping safe in a dream world
protected by all that surrounds you–
a beating heart
a gentle laugh
the touch of loving hands
And your future wasn’t too far away.

We longed to see your smile
hear your cry and dry the tears
We longed to you teach all that we knew
and hold your hand in ours
But time has slipped away
softly. gently. quietly like the setting sun
upon evening’s pale horizon.
And in an instant, you left–
(I’m not so sure I’ll ever understand.)

There are still lessons to teach
and games to play,
sandcastles to build,
and kites to fly
Things to explore
and monsters to chase away in the night
But you’ve already gone.

So we cry our tears
and pack up the few reminders we have
of the brief life that ended
before you ever took your first breath
or your first steps–
hoping only that you’ll be happy
wherever you are


(c) Wendy Lowery All Rights Reserved

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