Growing Up

The dreaded phone call you never want to face,
Where is my little girl with all her ruffles and lace?

My baby is now a big sixteen,
The years flew by, so it seems.

I cry each year at the start of school,
I’ve done all the parenting car pools.

From ponytails, baby dolls, bicycles and training wheels,
To a license, proms, dates and high heels.

I can’t remember the last time she called me Mommy,
It has been just Mom for an eternity.

I remember it had been snowing,
Then I heard the phone ringing.

Mommy, Mommy, I wrecked my car,
Please hurry, I am not far.

People, rescue squad, police and lights,
I run to hold my baby girl tight.

Crying, apologizing, cold and shaking,
My little girl, home I a taking.

I felt like she was two and needed me again,
That feeling of her needing me, I never want to end.

The angel watching over her that night,
I pray will be with her and have some foresight.

She is growing up before my eyes,
I can do nothing, this I realize.

It won’t be long now before on her own she goes,
She will always be in my heart and thoughts, this I hope she knows.

(c) Rhonda L. Webber All Rights Reserved

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