God, I Need Your Help

God, I Need Your Help God I need your help
I want to find my Mother
Did she love me
Do we look alike
Is she young
or is she old
Help me I pray
For the wonder consumes
my thoughts and dreams

I have searched and questioned
A chance I would take
to disclose just one more
portion of her life
What is her name
Is she near or afar
Have you called her to heaven
or does she abide here on earth

Please allow me
one chance to see her
I’ll be alright if she
only grants me one meeting
She need not give
herself in return

I will risk hurting my family
which is certain if they learn
This is not like me
to take such a leap
Pleasing my family
I lived my life
But I must ask you
to do this for me
Just once to ask
for a blessing for me

God you told me
allow your friends to assist
Do not search alone you warned
What you desire is more
than you can fathom

I have listened to similar
prayers from another
You both desire
the same from each other
I will not allow
your hearts to grow cold

You have my blessing
Your prayers I will answer
for your Mother is waiting
I will bring you to her
But remember
You asked to see her just once

You will receive
much more than you asked
For by your faith
this work is of me
You will again be one
to live as Mother and Daughter

Cherish the memories
the time spent together
Show her your love
Foremost be honest
Protect her from harm
Her happiness is yours
Bless you child
For the Mother you have prayed

For my BirthMother Hazel Graham. I Love You!

(c) Cindy Hardin All Rights Reserved

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