From One Day to The Next

It seems Like just yesterday
I was a carefree child at play
Yet so much has changed since then
What times I had when I was ten

From one day to the next nothing is the same
One day my main concern is a game
The next is full of work and worry
I live the life of an adult today

Yesterday my son came into the world
From one day to the next a year unfurled
Before I knew the babe I met the boy
The day he was born brought me such joy

I hold on to this day, does tomorrow have to come?
By then he’ll be in school, to old to play with dad and mom
Yesterday he could barely crawl at all
Today he races up and down the hall

From one day to the next my little boy will be gone
a young man will take his place from dusk to dawn
No time for his old man, young women beckon and call
Before you know it, I’ll scarcely know him at all

When I wake up the next morning, aching and grey
Anxious and giddy, My son is coming to visit today
With his wife and his children, it leaves me perplexed
Life flashes by me, from one day to the next

(c) Paul J. Thomas All Rights Reserved

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