Forever in my Heart

Dad you are my father
and words can not describe.
The feelings that I have for you
those feelings deep inside.

And dadI know you love me
unconditional is your love.
To have, to hold, to know you,
I thank the lord above.

Yes dad you’ve always been there
and I’ve needed you so much.
Strength, tenderness and kindness
you have that loving touch.

And dad you are my hero
and I your biggest fan.
I will forever love you
you are the best of man.

Yes dad, I want to thank you
for every thing you’ve done.
You’ve made my life so special dad,
you are the special one.

And dadI’ll oh so miss you
because you were so grand.
The greatest father ever
to walk upon this land.

Dad, one day up in heaven
together we will be.
You will always be my daddy
for all eternity.

Yes Dad I’ve always loved you
right from the very start.
I’ll always keep you close to me
forever in my heart.

(c) V.L.Johnson All Rights Reserved

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