Forever in my Heart

He was always there for me,
Through every tummy ache and skinned knee,
Through every time
I heard a sound in the night,
Needed reassurance everything was all right.

And every time I ever cried,
I remember the look in his eye
As he would brush away my tears,
Make it all better
And take away my fears.

Then through the years…

He influenced me so,
Taught me right from wrong,
How to live and grow.

Through his life he led me to my Lord and Savior.
When I failed in life, his love for me did not waiver.

Too soon the years of change stood before us
I moved away,
But never would I lose touch.
Of the man who gave me so much.

The one person who never lets me down.
The one who gives love and comfort
If ever I stumble, or when my dreams cannot be found.

He is more to me than I ever deserved.
If only he knew my appreciation beyond these simple words.

Daddy, I love you so.
You are the greatest man I’ll ever know.

(c) Amanda Dillingham All Rights Reserved

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