For My Little Miracles

When I was Seventeen
They said you could never be
I wept for several years
Mourning my infertility

They said I had no womb
No way to make you mine
They said adoption was the only way
They acted like this was fine

They are specialists and doctors
They really must know all
I continued on for several years
While my self worth sure did fall

One day when I was Twenty
I met an angel doctor
Who said that I was just fine
And I would one day be a mother

She said I had a womb,
But it was very small
Though it may not hold you
And be strong after all

Trying to make you
Would be the battle here
Keeping you inside me
This I did fear

Then when I was Twenty-two
I met a wonderful man
He made me feel very special
And a family we would plan

After I turned Twenty-four
The alter we did see
We said our vows to love each other
We promised God a family

We were not married but two months
When I began some shots
My mind raced and my body ached
But I refused to ever stop

My body rejected the first cycle
Just preparing me for the best
For one month later, you were conceived
While I began to nest

Two weeks passed, they said “It’s TWINS!”
My heart must have skipped a beat
I wondered if my womb would fail
I wondered if we would meet

It only took you eight whole months
To make your way to me
Eight years of thinking I could not have one
And two babies it would be!

They pulled you from my body
You shouted loud and clear
I knew everything was fine
I finally cried a happy tear

I proved some doctors wrong that day
I proved myself wrong too
I thought I was happy before you came
No way, my love just grew

Thank you for picking me
To be your Mom today
You are my little miracles
I love you in every way

(c) Katie Inlow All Rights Reserved

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