For Mother’s Day

Listen to me I have a story to tell
Sssh or I will be forced to yell
It is about these amazing persons
Be, Quiet this you will want to here I am certain

They come in all shapes and sizes
They are lawyers and doctors and can work any devices
They are amazing with the cooking and the cleaning
And they have these amazing powers that gives life meaning

They know how to make a dollar stretch
And clean up any and every mess
Their tolerance level is so very high
They will reprimand you, if you ever a lie

They organize, delegate and motivate
They keep your mind in a concious
state You may argue with them from time to time
Believe me they only have your best interest in mind

These amazing creatures must have been sent from above
Because only them can tell you about true caring and love
They do this continiously every day
They are in our lives , and I hope they will stay

They are truly god’s gift to this earth
We thank them for giving us birth

Mothers wherever you are never forget: You are precious, sweet, kind, loving, beautiful, amazing, thoughtful, considerate, attentive caring, loyal devoted, but most of all remember…
you are loved.

(c) Francine Pinnock All Rights Reserved

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